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e-Path is a securely hosted PCI credit card payment gateway system that makes accepting credit cards online a much less costly exercise and a whole lot more secure for you as the online business owner as well as for your online credit card paying customers.

Accept credit cards online with e-PathWith e-Path there are no transaction fees, indeed, there are none of the normal fees and charges of a typical 'real time' payment gateway at all.

The e-Path service is available for a single low yearly fee, and you can accept any number of online credit card payments, there's no limit - its all included in the price.

And because it will be your PCI DSS compliant e-Path gateway handling credit card payments, this means your own website does not require its own PCI DSS compliance - this alone represents substantial cost savings. PCI compliance for online activity as well as THAWTE SSL protection is all included.

Read about the importance of CDU Security.

Your payment gateway should create confidence

Consumers are starting to demand they be protected properly and professionally especially when it comes to parting with their own highly sensitive and confidential credit card details on the internet. There are warnings about this very subject on the news and current affairs programs on TV and radio almost nightly and these consumer warnings are aired for very good reasons.

In today's security aware climate there is a growing number of consumers who will not part with their credit card details online if they are not positive the process is safe. Times have changed and people would rather not go ahead to buy online if they think they are risking it.

With e-Path your customers will be entering their credit card details into your own fully dedicated PCI compliant and THAWTE SSL protected payment gateway system specifically created for that purpose and that purpose alone.

Having customers wanting to buy from you online is one thing - providing them with the confidence to part with their credit card details on the internet is another thing all together. When you use e-Path as your internet payment gateway you help to deliver the confidence needed by people to complete the payment process.

Further, e-Path is the only payment gateway that guarantees its merchants can ensure cardholder data does not even exist after the transaction has been performed. e-Path highly recommends you advertise this everywhere you can - we do not need to tell you how safe credit card details are when they don't even exist and how much this is going to mean to your cardholder customers!!

A highly effective low cost solution

e-Path represents a highly effective alternative method to safely accept credit card payments from your online customers - less costly, more secure, more control and easier to connect to.

The fact that merchants can utilise existing EFTPOS terminals, virtual terminals, Smartphone merchant facility apps and other forms of (MOTO/MST) merchant account facilities that they may already be operating without the need to establish another separate high cost merchant account for internet transactions gives individuals and businesses an immediate cost savings advantage from the outset. This is in addition to e-Path being a whole lot cheaper than other payment gateway types to begin with.

If using any existing and established merchant account facility to charge credit card received from your e-Path gateway, it is a requirement of e-Path that you confirm your card processing/merchant facility has been approved by your bank to allow you to receive, handle and process payments into it that have come to you via card-not-present/non-face-to-face methods, e.g, receiving credit card details over the phone, by fax machine, by postal mail order or ad hoc from the internet. This is to ensure you are compliant with the card data security/PCI compliance requirements and terms and conditions of your bank. This is a prerequisite of e-Path.

If you don't have a merchant account then getting one is not that difficult. Mostly all banks now have new virtual terminal and Smartphone app facilities where you simply log in to charge your customers credit card details. When these services are MOTO or MST approved you can then easily accept credit cards coming to via any means, not just from the internet. More information: Merchant Account Facility Requirements.

e-Path is not for everyone

Delivering a new payment gateway system that dramatically reduces the cost of ecommerce for online business owners does not come without a trade off. In e-Path's case this trade off is automation. e-Path does not transact credit cards 'live' and blindly on the open internet without you knowing.

The transaction is performed by the business owner entering card details into their offline merchant account facility so its a manual process. Being a manual process it will not be suitable for those who are, or who plan to be, receiving large numbers of online credit card payments daily.

However, if you like the idea of being in full control over what online orders you accept and what is or is not charged through your merchant account facility, then the e-Path payment gateway is a great solution. And you'll be saving a considerable amount of money in the process.

What some people say ...

"[e-Path] An ingenuously simple and logical approach with the potential to ease a little pressure on the credit industry as they continue the struggle to close security vulnerabilities with card based live transactions over the internet."
David Taylor - Commerce Tomorrow (Monthly Publication)

""[e-Path] sacrifices the convenience of instant internet based transaction processing for the sake of improved security and control. Granted, they [e-Path] do this well but I for one will not be going to a manual system."
Claire McKinley - Enterprise Commercial Quarterly

"We all know high strength 2,048 bit asymmetric cryptography is unbreakable. What is unique is how they [e-Path] have designed their relatively simple non-processing online credit card handling service around it. Clever."
'Professor Byte' - Willmington e-Commerce Advisory Committee

"This [e-Path] is not a new direction at all ... it simply sends us back to basics which as e-Path has identified can reduce online risk significantly ... reduced risk could see merchant services providers re-think their tough approach towards the entry level virtual business market."
S. Johnston Jnr - Smith, Johnston and Boverich. Strategic Financials.

"You simply can not get a better way to protect credit card information on the internet than for it not to exist on the internet. E-Path delivers what is shaping up to be an almost annoyingly commonsensical solution to the problem of online credit card data security."
Damien Croft - CEO, ComCron

"This new manual gateway from the Australia company, e-Path Pty Ltd, will only appeal to those likely to be doing small numbers of transactions per day and as such can not be considered a mainstream alternative to current live online processors. Reverting back to manual processes means reduced productivity for most businesses. But talk security and I concede e-Path has raised the bar to an impressive height, no doubt about that."
Samantha Goldburg - The Online Merchant

""Their non-permanent storage of card holder data nails a previously unattainable goal for online credit card handlers ... a major achievement that should delight the card provider companies .... but looking under the skin they [e-Path} appear to be little more than an online fax machine on cryptographic steroids."
Simon Metcalf - ComZone UK

"Businesses have been cursing the cost of fraud ever since we were able to process payments online. E-Path looks like the first genuine attempt by a payment gateway to improve security by design .... even though it [e-Path] takes you back to handling processes manually their approach has merit."
Mary Merrywhether - Article 'Risks in Business'

A proper online payment processor, no. An easier and safer solution for the smaller e-merchant, quite possibly."
Max Minyarno - Financial Services Manager

"E-Path is no big deal. They have simply identified what causes risk and gone about trying to eliminate it. Bright sparks change the world for the better all the time, like I said, no big deal."
Shane Williams - MacSpeak 2007.

"I can't see much point in this new [e-Path] service. Where's the automation? Ok, so its good news in the security department, but having to process manually offline is not going to see everyone rushing to change their card accepting method. It will suit some but certainly not the majority. Nice idea, but not for me."
Trevor - ZNet feedback

"Just my 2c worth. I did this like a year ago. I use e-path. For a full year I have not recorded one single fraud transaction into my merchant account because I can SEE AND IDENTIFY them when I receive them. I will never go back to the 'dark ages' of Russian roulette with an expensive real time gateway and all those charge backs. No way man.."
'TrueBlue' - Contributing comment on Payment Gateways & Merchant Accounts - e-Commerce Talk

"The average business is fed up with money being taken out of their account [by their bank] because the online transaction done last month through their online processing gateway now suddenly turns out was fraudulent. I think doing things manually offline has some real advantages."
'John' - Contributing comment on Payment Gateways & Merchant Accounts - e-Commerce Talk

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