e-Path Payment Gateway Service Pricing

e-Path guarantees the price you pay at time of application will remain the price you pay at renewal, irrespective of whether our service pricing rises at any point.

e-Path offers two variants to its payment gateway, a single licence and a multiple licence version.

Single Licence

Where you have a single website or shopping cart.

Secure Payment Gateway - Single Licence
Service Fee: $275.00 incl GST Yearly
One time only registration fee: $22.00 incl GST (one time & perpetual)
e-Path does NOT charge credit card transaction fees!!

Multiple Licence

With a multiple licence payment gateway you may have many websites or shopping carts sending customers to the one e-Path gateway service. If you are a single business but operate a number of different websites or shopping carts, this is a great way to enable them all to receive credit card payment authorisations online without the need for a costly new gateway for each of your sites.

Requirement: Credit card payments received via this gateway will be transacting into the one merchant account facility at your bank.

Secure Payment Gateway - Multiple Licence 5 (Up to five websites/shopping carts)
Service Fee: $341.00 incl GST Yearly
One time only registration fee: $22.00 incl GST (one time & perpetual)
e-Path does NOT charge credit card transaction fees!!

Secure Payment Gateway - Multiple Licence 10 (Up to ten websites/shopping carts)
Service Fee: $462.00 incl GST Yearly
One time only registration fee: $22.00 incl GST (one time & perpetual)
e-Path does NOT charge credit card transaction fees!!

Secure Payment Gateway - Multiple Licence 20 (Up to twenty websites/shopping carts)
Service Fee: $660.00 incl GST Yearly
One time only registration fee: $22.00 incl GST (one time & perpetual)
e-Path does NOT charge credit card transaction fees!!


A sub-gateway is an extra separate payment gateway system under your existing multiple licence gateway complete with its own secure URL, unique payment and receipt pages. This means that your individual websites can each send to their own individual payment gateway system. Each sub-gateway can have it's own unique logo/graphic to further its exclusivity with the source website/shopping cart.

The end result is the same as if you had a completely separate gateway for each of your websites, except that you are achieving this at a fraction of the cost because they all fall under your main multiple licence gateway's back-end.

Requirement: Have an existing multiple licence gateway.

Sub-Gateway Service Fee: $44.00 incl GST Yearly

Customised Payment Gateway

For those that feel it important to maintain the 'look and feel' of your source website through the payment process e-Path now offers a customised payment gateway option where you can design and develop your own payment and receipt pages that will display when your customer goes to you unique gateway to make payment.

It is a great way to maintain your branding and the look and feel of your site. However, please be aware there are some limitations to this option due to security and card handling identity disclosure rules.

Customised Payment Gateway Service Fee: $121.00 incl GST - One Time Only

NOTE: Due PCI compliance and other security provisioning our secure gateway servers do not have any function that allows for auto writing/uploading of any content. Therefore, working with and applying custom content to a particular gateway is only performed within controlled and secure communication conditions, manually by senior systems administrators.

Further information for all applicants

It is a condition of service that credit card payments received from your e-Path gateway will be transacted into the merchant account as correctly identified and disclosed to cardholders on your gateway system. See point #2.1 of the e-Path Merchant Agreement - Terms Of Service

If you have more than one business each with their own separate merchant account facility at the bank, you will need to apply for a separate e-Path gateway for each. The name your merchant account is in, which will be the name appearing on your customers credit card statement, is to be the name clearly identified to cardholder on your gateway system.

Tell it like it is - don't hide your advantage

Part of this new secure era in online e-commerce is about information disclosure to credit card holders. Credit card holders have every right to know what happens to and how safe their credit card details are being handled when making a credit card payment online.

It is now a requirement you install a graphic of your choice (from the Credit Card Logos page) on your website/shopping cart home page, i.e., the first page of your website or shopping cart. You are not required to have this graphic on all pages, although it would be an astute idea. This graphic will be linked to this purpose built information disclosure page: You Are Paying Safely

Your use of the e-Path service gives you a real security advantage over websites that use other payment gateway types. See e-Path Security and CDU Security. Therefore, displaying a logo of the credit card types you accept together with it being linked to a special disclosure page not only tells your customers you can accept credit card payments from the outset, but also will show your business to be extremely serious about keeping your customers and their credit card details safe and protected.

Here is an example of two graphic sizes that may be chosen by a typical business who accepts Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Credit Card Payment Gateway - e-Path
Payment Gateway - e-Path

e-Path understands the importance of colours and themes to a website's presentation. Therefore, if you have a particular colour background requirement e-Path developers will be happy to create (free of charge) a custom graphic that will perfectly work with any colour background.

More information on our Credit Card Logos page.

All costs appearing on this page are quoted in AUD and are charged in AUD (Australian dollars). Therefore the actual amount appearing on your credit card statement in your currency is determined by whatever the currency exchange conversion rate is at the time, a process well outside e-Path's control. The AU price quoted on this website is precisely what is charged to your credit card, there are no extra charges by e-Path should you be located outside Australia.

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